Course 1B of the People's Academy: The UN Charter - Global conflicts, Legal challenges to war, TWAIL critiques

Course 1B: The UN Charter - Global conflict resolution, Legal challenges to war, TWAIL critiques

Course 1B, on Wednesday, December 6:  Global conflict resolution, lawsuits challenging the legality of the Iraq war, and the TWAIL critique of the UN Charter

Faculty for Class 1B:

  • Richard Falk former UN special rapporteur on occupied Palestinian territories

  • Inder Comar sued George W. Bush in US federal court for illegality of Iraq war

  • Sujith Xavier Third World Approaches to International Law

  • Roberto Zamora filed successful lawsuit in Costa Rica for illegality of Iraq war 

English language presentation:

Presentación en español:

Présentation en langue française :

The transcript of this program is forthcoming. 

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