Scientific Committee

Our Scientific Committee

The members of the Scientific Committee of the People’s Academy of International Law are:

  • Phyllis Bennis
    Director, New Internationalism Project, Institute for Policy Studies
  • Neri Colmenares
    Filipino human rights lawyer and activist, formerly Senior Deputy Minority Leader of the 16th Congress of the Philippines
  • Radha D’Souza
    Law professor, University of Westminster, London
  • Richard Falk
    Professor emeritus of international law at Princeton University
  • Arturo Fournier Facio
    Costa Rican lawyer and retired diplomat
  • Yamila Gonzalez Ferrer
    Vice President, National Union of Jurists of Cuba
  • Lennox Hinds
    Professor Emeritus in the Program in Criminal Justice, Rutgers University; Permanent Representative of the IADL to the United Nations
  • Rashida Manjoo
    Emeritus Professor at the University of Cape Town; Former United Nations’ Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women
  • Yoshiro Matsui
    Emeritus Professor of International Law, Nagoya University
  • Luis Carlos Moro
    Brazilian labor lawyer and professor; Secretary General of the American Association of Jurists
  • Willy Mutunga
    Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Kenya
  • John Quigley
    Professor of law at the Moritz College of Law at the Ohio State University
  • Natali Segovia
    International human rights lawyer, Legal Director, Water Protector Legal Collective
  • Raji Sourani
    General Director, Palestinian Center for Human Rights
  • Ashwini Sukthankar
    International labor rights lawyer
  • Carlos Villan Duran
    President of the Spanish Society for International Human Rights Law